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I try to keep an updated list of the events and conferences in which I’ve talked or  attended. You should also check my Lanyrd profile, as it may show some things missing here.



Several meetups that I have to add here!
SoCraTes DE Software Craftsmanship
Aug 27th-30th, Hamburg, Germany
SoCraTes ES Software Craftsmanship
Mar 19th-22nd, Tenerife, Spain (Hosted a session)


Agile Open Space 2013
Jun 6th-7th, Valladolid, Spain
Agile Dev Practices 2014
May 26th-28th, Berlin, Germany (As speaker)
CraftConf 2014 – Software Craftsmanship Matters
Apr 23rd-25th, Budapest, Hungary
Budapest DevOps Meetup at Prezi
Apr 22nd, Budapest, Hungary
ACCU Conference 2014
Apr 8th-12th, Bristol, UK (As speaker)
Madrid Software Craftmanship: Functional Exercise
Mar 31st, Madrid, Spain
JavaScript Code Retreat #1
Feb 8th, Madrid, Spain (Facilitating, with @pasku1 and @jacegu)


Madrid Software Craftmanship: Lightning Talks
Dec 16th, Madrid, Spain
Global Day of Code Retreat 2013
Dec 13th-14th, Istambul, Turkey (Facilitating, with @pasku1)
Ironhack – JavaScript
Nov 28th-29th, Madrid, Spain (As teacher during two days)
Hack Your Education Open Space
Nov 2nd, Madrid, Spain
Madrid Software Craftsmanship: TDD Workshop II
Oct 30th, Madrid, Spain
CodeMotion Madrid 2013
Oct 18th-19th, Madrid, Spain
MadridJS: Tizen
Oct 17th, Madrid, Spain
Conferencia Agile Spain 2013
Oct 10th-11th, Bilbao, Spain (As speaker)
Madrid Software Craftsmanship: TDD Workshop
Sep 26th, Madrid, Spain
SoCraTes UK Software Craftsmanship
Sep 19th-22nd, Worcestershire, UK (Hosted a session)
MsCoders: C# Puzzles
Sep 5th, Madrid, Spain
Madrid-FP: Functional Programming
Aug 6th, Madrid, Spain
Madrid Software Craftsmanship: Refactoring Workshop
Jul 25th, Madrid, Spain (As host)
MsCoders: Coding in .NET – Best practices
Jul 08th, Madrid, Spain
SpainJS 2013
Jul 5th, 6th, Madrid, Spain
Agile Open Space 2013
Jun 21st-22nd, Tenerife, Spain (Hosted 2 sessions)
Programania From The Trenches
Jun 1st, Valladolid, Spain
Madrid Software Craftsmanship: Domain Driven Design
May 10th, Madrid, Spain
Madrid Software Craftsmanship: Behaviour Driven Development Workshop
Feb 8th, Madrid, Spain
Coaching Dojo
Jan 23th, Las Rozas, Spain
RIA JavaScript Good Practices
Jan 24th Madrid, Spain

Here is also a list of events and talks from past years.

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