Thanks Agile Testing Days 2012!

It’s been less than a week since I came back from Berlin/Postdam from the best conference I attended this year, the Agile Testing Days. I co-presented a talk there with my colleague and friend Carlos Blé [thanks Carlos for proposing me this collaboration, it’s always a pleasure to work together!], our talk was: BDD with Javascript for Rich Internet Applications. We are very happy with the outcome of the talk, but most importantly I’m  very happy with the overall level of the conference, the speakers, attendees, and the organization.

Agile Testing Days Conference Badge

Nice badge to add to the collection of trophies (and yes, I did scramble the QR)

I’m also thankful to the people at Diaz & Hilterscheid who organized the event, Madeleine Griep! who we drove crazy with changes in the hotel reservation many times, Uwe Gelfert, José Díaz, and the @AgileTD team.

I had the chance to personally meet Lisa Crispin and Gojko Adzic on the speaker’s dinner and during the conference. Lisa is one of the authors of the book Agile Testing, we also had the honor of having her at the front row in our talk! It’s good to put faces to the books we read :-)

Test Lab Rats

The Test Lab

From the left: Iván Stepaniuk, James Lyndsay, Carlos Blé, Bart Knaack.

James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack where on the TestLab, an amazing corner of the conference, totally hands-on where developers and testers shared their skills. Being a developer, it was really interesting to understand how professional testers work, sit with them and pair-test an application from a black-box perspective.  We also spent some time testing LiveTeamApp, a team time management application developed using the BDD techniques for JavaScript we talked about in this conference.

It was a really intensive experience and there are still ideas and notes to go through, and lots of new people to stay in touch with.

The call for papers for the next year is about to start, I hope to be there in 2013!

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