Dear Recruiter

I am not actively looking for a new job at the moment. Nonetheless, thank you very much for thinking about me for a position, or offering your help with my professional career.

I am always open for new opportunities, and it is always good to keep an eye on our industry’s needs. I receive many requests or proposals like yours every week. Unfortunately, I could not possibly answer them all personally. That is why I have created this page on my site, I hope you do not mind.

Even if I were actively searching for a new challenge, there are a couple of things I need to know upfront, before actually considering it. Because this is non-negotiable, I do not deal with external recruiters, headhunters or employment agencies of any sort. Understandably, they cannot provide this information. I am sorry if that is your case.

The list may seem a bit extensive, but after all, these are basic things I would look for if I was applying for a position myself.

Basic company details

Is there a dev team already?

Furthermore, if you are an internal recruiter or HR person and can actually point or link to this essential information, note that there are a couple of industries and markets I rather not write software for, ever. See the list in this post.

Thanks for understanding!


My LinkedIn profile is complete and updated. You can easily export a PDF from it if you need it. There is also more information about me in this page


Contact me

If you have further questions, you can mail me at istepaniuk@ Google’s well known free email service.


About Iván Stepaniuk

I have been creating software for more than twenty years in a wide variety of stacks, languages and platforms. I advocate Software Craftsmanship and the Agile Manifesto, this has been a great motivation and helps me to continuously reinvent myself as a better developer that makes better quality software.

See my about page

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