Just Installed Ghost on Heroku!

Check it out! (And you can continue reading there, it is a copy of this post)

I was looking for alternatives to WordPress for my blog, I wanted it to be:

In my search, I’ve found Ghost, it was REALLY fast on my old laptop and It seemed like a nice oportunity to give Heroku a try.

I always liked the heroku concept, and my current hosting does not support Node.JS anyway (though it does suport Python and Ruby!)

Editing text on Ghost is just awesome! Writting in markdown with side-by-side instant preview, is just awesome. Check it out at their site, or watch the video.

Ghost is free and open source, they also plan to have their own hosting service, similar to wordpress.org, I guess.

Asking for trouble

I had to crazy-patch Ghost to make it work on Postgres as this database is not yet supported. It comes with SQLite as default and besides that, it only supports MySQL officially.

It is not a good idea to run Ghost on a free Heroku account, as MySQL is not available and your uploaded images will be erased by the Heroku’s ephimerous filesystem.

In any case, Ghost is probably my next blogging platform.


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